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  • 2021-06-09
  • Hohem Tech Takes Their Global Digital Business to a Higher Level in Alibaba's Tmall Livestream

    Hohem recently has partnered with celebrity livestream for accumulating over 4.8 million viewers

    Hohem recently has partnered with celebrity livestream for accumulating over 4.8 million viewers

    SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hohem Tech, a global leading gimbal technology company, has officially launched on Alibaba's Tmall in this August, and partnered with five popular celebrities for e-commerce live-streaming. Five livestreams have accumulated over 4.8 million viewers, which successfully increase brand awareness and drive sales.

    Due to the rise of video and livestream social platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok, the demand of hand-held stabilizers are increasing rapidly in recent years. Although COVID-19 has produced a negative impact on most people, it also has massively accelerated the digital transformation across many industries, which speed up the growth of video platforms and the industry of hand-held stabilizers. By catching up with new opportunities, Hohem has upgraded their business model. It is riding the wave of this digital retail trend, and ready to take their global e-commerce to a higher level to craft a seamless customer experience.

    In August 2020, Hohem officially launched its online Alibaba's Tmall store, and collaborated with five popular celebrities for e-commerce live-streaming. With celebrities' endorse and co-create content on immersive livestream, consumers can easily engage with the celebrities' real reaction and experience sharing of Hohem 3-axis smartphone handheld stabilizer iSteady X's amazing functions, such as AI face tracking, strong stabilization, inception and dolly zoom film templates, which creates much excitement among viewers, and accumulated over 4.8 million viewers through five livestreams.

    Meanwhile, livestream is intuitive and visible, and the content is simple and easy to digest. Hohem intent to utilize these features to make a more effective way to present the products as the stabilizer is one of the most important tool for video creation and to some extent it is still a new category for some viewers. Thus, this is not only the first step of Hohem to develop their new business model by embracing new technologies and achieving strategic partnership with influencers, but also the significant opportunity for Hohem to seize advantage in this niche market.

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    Hohem Tech, is a global leading gimbal technology company with strong ability on independently-developed technique, production and sales. As Hohem always believe 'Make the moment, Enjoy it', what Hohem want to convey is that everyone is a life recorder, every moment of life is worth recording, and pleasure makes all meaningful.

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